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Powder CSM & Emulsion CSM

The Chopped Strand Mat is made from fiberglass chopped strands bonded with powder-binder or emulsion binder.Chopped strand mat is used primarily for hand lay- up process,filament winding process and press molding of FRP products include bath room,accessories, pipe, building material, automobile, furniture and other FRP products.

Specification( Layer Weight g/m2) Total Weight
Mat (g/m2) Binder
CSM300-P 300 Powder 300
CSM450-P 450 Powder 450
CSM600-P 600 Powder 600
CSM300-E 300 Emulsion 300
CSM450-E 450 Emulsion 450
CSM600-E 600 Emulsion 600


  • Low Fuzz, dirt, impurity and other stains
  • Fast Wet-out
  • Even thickness
  • Good covering and degassing properties
  • High mechanical strength and high wet strength retention



Shipbuilding,Power engineering,Sports and leisure time,Automotive industry, Airplane construction,Machine building, Plant engineering, Aerospace industry, Medical sector