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Peel Ply is a plain weave nylon fabric. Under scoured and heat set. Process, the surface is very clean and the fabric is very strong which gives perfect release property. The fabric can be coated also. Main application is Aero-space industry, marine industry, wind blade industry.

Material Nylon 66
Weave Fabric
Warp Filaments/cm 17,00 (Tolerance ± 5%)
Weft Filaments /cm 17,00 (Tolerance ± 5%)
Area Weight gr/m2 85,00 (Tolerance ± 5%) (83-85)
Thickness in mm 0.15
Width in mm 15-3000
Temperature Resistance in °C < 230
Tensile strength Warp in N > 320
Tensile strength weft in N > 255



Shipbuilding,Power engineering,Sports and leisure time,Automotive industry, Airplane construction,Machine building, Plant engineering, Aerospace industry, Medical sector