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Vaccum Bagging Film

Bagging film has good elongation,and excellent performance.

The auto-release property make it a good choice for the application where direct resin contact is available. It is an economy bagging film for vacuum infusion and pre-preg process. The product is widely used in wind energy and Marine industry.

Our company has successfully developed the product for vacuum bag film localization started, and has applied for patents. After some big manufacturers test and trial, the products have been recognized,and have began to batch purchase.

Raw Material PA+PE+PA
Temperature Resistance 150 ℃
Color Yellow
Tensile Strength Length direction: 47.5±10%
Width direction:42±10%
Elongation Length direction: 450±10%
Width direction: 460±10%
Puncture resistance 1.2N
Thickness 0.050 mm
0.065 mm
0.075 mm
Max width 6.1m
Storage Recommended temperature is around 20℃and relative humidity is around 65%



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