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Flow Media

Mould Flow media is a low cost mesh for ease the flow property of resin under vacuum infusion process. Which help the resin immerse to anywhere of the product very fast and average.The experiments show that ,the Mould flow media is Easy to flat out , not easy to curly. The diversion speed is faster than knitting type and resin less remain. It can save the cost and reduce the labor intensity . The economic mesh can be cutted to any shape and dimension easily.

Raw Material Polyethylene
Temperature Resistance 100 °C
Color Green
Structure Three-dimensional grid shape
Area weight 230g/m2
Width 1.2m
length of per roll 50m
Storage Stored in a cool and dry place



Shipbuilding,Power engineering,Sports and leisure time,Automotive industry, Airplane construction,Machine building, Plant engineering, Aerospace industry, Medical sector